There are voices to be heard.
There are stories to be recorded and shown.
There are histories to be understood,
and lessons to be learnt from our past.
This is the time to stop and question
the direction in which we are being led.
To look around us, at shifting cultures,
and have some compassion.

Dokri stands proud against her hills and her land.
A strong sense of strength and beauty emanates from her
with such purity that brings me to tears.

Completely in harmony with her environment, she knows
the seasons and the land, the food that they get and the
preservation of it in the forests. Dokri( 'old woman' - as she
is called fondly in the Kondh language) is one of the elders
of a Dongria Kondh village in Odisha.

Effie d'Souza and her sweet smelling mangoes.
Living in Aldona, she comes from one of the older
settled families in Goa. I have to go home quickly now,
with this plastic for my roof. Last night it rained so hard
we lost many tiles on our roof, said Effie smiling as she
packed up what was left of her things and rushed off to
catch the bus at the end of the road.

'I'm stuck in the web of emotions', Jamuna says as she
laughs and cries, whilst telling me of her son who has
stolen all her savings and gambled it all away.